The Official Website of 2015 World Deaf Basketball Championships is OPEN

World Deaf Basketball Championship will be host as same as 4th in the year of 2015 after the 1st in Athena, Greece, 2nd in Guangzhou, China, and 3rd in Palermo, Italy. Chinese Taipei is proud to take over the 4th to serve as a link between past and future also try our best in the development of the global deaf sports.

Under the supervision of both International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD) and Taoyuan County Government, we establish this official website in providing the latest-updated and completed information, notice, or detail to all of you as all members of ICSD. It shall enable all of you to get prepared in advance.

This official website is OPEN from today on, and we will update information, notice or detail time by time. We except it that there will be many countries participating in this event than the past.

Please kindly forward this official website toward your family, friends, or someone you know. Taoyuan, Taiwan is going to host the 4th World Deaf Basketball Championships! Also, if you have any comment of this official website, you are very welcome to contact us.